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New Ergonomic Mouse: EZ Mouse

The EZ mouse may look like other ergonomic mice, but it has several more advantages over the look-a-like models.

The biggest reason that the EZ mouse is a winner, is for its ergonomic relief of repetitive stress injury, that comes from using traditional mice.  The EZ mouse also has several options: it has a wired and wireless version, and it also has left- handed versions! For all of you left-handed people out there, you know that is hard to find.

This mouse also comes with two pricing structures: The EZ -deluxe model comes with supreme packaging, a mouse pad, and a carry bag for the laptop. The EZ (economy mouse version)  is only $25.00 on, and coming soon to

Comes in wired, wireless and left- handed versions!

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05 2011

Cool new IPHONE covers with a UNIQUE look!


09 2010

Funky Computer Mice Make for Unique Gift-Giving

New shapes and designs of novelty computer mice make unique gifts.

Online PR News – 01-January-2010 – While looking for a new computer mouse for my computer-nerd nephew, I stumbled upon a website that specializes in new and unique mice designs:

You’ll want to see the “Road Mice”, genuine replica mice made to look like Ford or GM sports cars. These little gadgets can drive away the computer-blues by offering working headlights and full wireless functioanlity, with a body of a Mustang GT or a little red Corvette.

They have an assortment of distinctive mice to choose from such as a mouse shaped like a fighter jet, a soccer ball mouse, several different types of sports car mice, and more.

Other items such as funky flash drives shaped like mini guitars or a little heart design flash drive are also at TheGeekMart.

Ergonomic mice like the award winning Joy mouse, and specialty mice like the Eco can be found there as well.

If you want a cool mouse for the kid who is just getting used to the computer, get them a frog mouse and lilly pad set- and they’ll hop away happy.

I found gadgets for all ages at at affordable prices and low shipping costs.



01 2010

New Computer Mice in Non-traditional Designs

New computer mice in unique designs make the work-day go by faster. Cool new mice like the ROAD MICE, replicas of popular sports cars like Mustang GT’s, Vipers, Corvettes and more! These are wireless mice with real working headlights!

Also found at are soccer ball computer mice, jet plane computer mice, and razor -thin mice with retractable cords for desktop or laptop.

Drive away the work day blues with ROAD MICE!

Drive away the work day blues with ROAD MICE!


01 2010